The Biennial Theatre Festival for Young Audience/Lyon

The Biennial Theatre Festival for Young Audiences/Lyon is a European event that, since its creation in 1977, has centred around three complementary axes:

1 An international festival

The Biennial Theatre Festival for Young Audiences/Lyon offers a selection of contemporary works, favouring communication with young audiences from the earliest age, whilst being aimed at the whole youth and adult theatre-going public.
Its artistic objective encourages the renewal of dramatic and theatrical works, the search for new talent, and innovation in all forms of theatre.

This festival owes its European and international reputation to the interest that it generates with a broad range of French and foreign audiences, who join the throng of theatre-goers (children, young people and adults) from Lyon and the Rhône-Alpes region every other year in the month of June. In this way it is an cross-generation festival which, without being exclusive, is open to the full diversity of theatre-goers.
In touch with the awareness and intelligence of real audiences (notably those encouraged and trained from 1980 to 2004 by the on-going artistic action of the Théâtre des Jeunes Années / Centre Dramatique National), the Biennale du Théâtre Jeunes Publics/Lyon is today recognised as one of the major events in the European theatrical calendar.

For ten days or so, in all of the major theatres in the city of Lyon, the
Biennial Theatre Festival for Young Audiences/Lyon presents around thirty shows simultaneously on 12 stages and open spaces in the city.

Until it has shown 219 French and foreign theatre companies in 302 shows coming from all five continents (a total of 28 countries). It has been the springboard for many artists (directors, actors, playwrights, scenographers) to gain international renown.

2 Professional meeting point

The Biennial Theatre Festival for Young Audiences/Lyon can also claim to have become an international observatory which remains unparalleled for all those (university students, critics, institutional directors) seeking to encourage the development of theatrical policies to encourage new young audiences in an environment of exchange and debate.
Biennial Theatre Festival for Young Audiences/Lyon regularly publishes works on changes in contemporary theatre towards youth audiences.

3 A training area

In initiating a project which, from the outset, managed to combine access for as many children and young people as possible to the newest theatrical forms, together with a review of theatre-goer's personal expressive practices from an early age, the Biennial Theatre Festival for Young Audiences/Lyon has been approached by many artistic education partners wanting to take advantage of its programme in order to put together training actions: colloquia, conferences, practical theatrical workshops, artistic initiation classes, Biennale symposiums, etc.
It is now actively involved in the movement and seeks to invent new territories to express coaching strategy presentation and contents for young audiences, from the earliest age, to provide individuals with a quality theatrical culture.

Artistic Directors

Maurice YENDT
A playwright and a director
An actor and a director